Indoor displays

UV inkjet is perfect for the production of printed graphics for indoor display, producing high quality, vibrant images with visual impact.

UV ink technology gives you the ability to print on a very wide range of materials, including those commonly used for graphic display.

Within the Fujifilm printer portfolio there are dedicated flatbed printers, roll to roll printers, and hybrids, which each offer best-in-class productivity and quality, all capable of handling a variety of indoor display applications. Selecting the right machine depends partly on the type of work you do, but mainly what level of productivity you need.

See how Fujifilm printers handle a range of indoor display graphic applications.

Backlit displays

The traditional way of producing backlit with a digital C-Type print is time consuming and expensive. More importantly the cost of producing short runs is often prohibitive for many brands’ budgets. As campaigns become more localized and runs become shorter, printers have searched for ways to reduce production time and costs, often resorting to digital printing and then backing with a screen printed white. Onset and Acuity inkjet printers can produce vibrant, backlit density images, and have a white ink option that makes producing high quality backlit displays a quick and easy single process. The UV curing process can print direct to rigid clear sheet materials or clear film.

digital C-Type print Inkjet
Plates YES NO
Time 3 hours 30 seconds
Processes 3 1
Cost for one off £3000 £100

Frontlit displays

Uvijet UV inks deliver high impact, vibrant images that make promotional graphics stand out in any retail environment, and wide colour gamuts enable prints to be colour managed to match industry standards, for campaigns that use multiple print processes.

All Fujifilm printers are suitable for the production of frontlit display graphics. Dedicated flatbeds like Onset and Acuity Prime can print direct to rigid sheet materials. Choosing the right Fujifilm machine for your business depends on productivity needs and how closely images will be viewed. Even the highest productivity Onset flatbed printers produce images suitable for viewing at 1 metre and are capable of printing hundreds of square metres of print every hour. But other Onset models, like the Onset Q40i have a tiny 9 picolitre drop size which makes images suitable for close viewing. Acuity flatbed printers use variable size drops to produce extremely high quality print.

Clear films

All Fujifilm UV inkjet printers come with a white ink option, or white as standard. This is an invaluable feature for the production of images on to clear films, suitable for window and hanging graphics which can have some transparency in the design (like product cutouts etc). With this capability, you no longer have to make white backups using a screen printing process.

All Acuity printers have a feature that enables them to produce a colour image, then a white image layer, then another colour layer in one print pass, for the production of double-sided graphics on clear-film.

Environmental graphics

UV inkjet printing opens many new opportunities for the production of functional graphics which enhance the ambiance of different spaces. Interior designers and architects can now specify digitally printed wall coverings, floor decoration, window decoration etc., in spaces like hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitality and retail.

Floor graphics

In ever crowded supermarkets and shopping centres brands are trying to stand out in more innovative ways. Floor graphics create visually appealing advertisements in aisles, foyers and walkways. Often specific to individual stores and campaigns, for example directional arrows, floor graphics are often short run and this plays to the advantages of UV inkjet.

All Fujifilm’s UV printers are suitable for the production of high quality, durable floor graphics.

Window graphics

Printed graphics is an excellent way of transforming a window into an eye catching display or simply increasing the interest to the appearance of a building.

By using Uvijet inks and Fujifilm printers it’s easy to create one-way and two way graphics. Window graphics can provide decoration, privacy, security and can also be an important health and safety consideration. Whether the requirement is to increase privacy, update your office décor or adhere to health and safety regulations, window graphics provide an attractive solution for window display requirements.