Package prototypes

There are a number of ways packaging prototypes can be made using inkjet technologies, depending on the application and the requirements, but with the right press, stunning prototypes can be produced.

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Packaging prototypes with the Jet Press 750S

The other alternative for the cost effective production of packaging prototypes, particularly if short runs are also being printed, is the Jet Press 750S.   The wide colour gamut inks of this press allow many spot colours to be reproduced, and varnishes can be applied in post production.

Historically, one of the barriers to the production of packaging prototypes has been the fact that they were always inferior to the finished product, and the time lag between the prototype and finished product was often too long.   Generally speaking, the quality of digitally printed folding cartons was also been inadequate.

The quality, flexibility and efficiency of Fujifilm’s Jet Press 750S, however, means that these challenges have now been overcome.   This means that a prototype can be produced at the same quality as the finished print run in the space of a few minutes, and the print run can then follow immediately.