Aqueous Inks

Fujifilm is one of the few companies with significant R&D and manufacturing capabilities in both aqueous and UV inks, ideal for applications using inkjet digital printing

Aqueous ink development and manufacture

Fujifilm is renowned for pursuing the highest quality manufacturing standards in multiple high-technology fields and is now the world’s largest manufacturer of aqueous inks for consumer applications, thanks to the acquisition in 2005 of a company who specialised in the development and manufacture of high-performance dyes, pigments and colorants, now called Fujifilm Imaging Colorants. But this company’s story actually began in 1985 with the launch of the first generation of high purity inkjet colorants, and by 1994 had involved the building of the world’s largest digital aqueous ink manufacturing facility in Delaware, USA. More recently, Fujifilm Imaging Colorants has been supported by the establishment of a significant R&D capability at Fujifilm’s Advanced Marking Research Laboratories in Japan.

Aqueous inks are manufactured by the Delaware, USA facility, which has extensive purification processes, and the Grangemouth, UK facility that focuses on the development of dispersions and large scale aqueous ink manufacture. These facilities offer a unique combination of product development and scale-up capabilities with significant economies of scale.

Fujifilm’s contract manufacturing service is underpinned by ISO 9001 compliant quality assurance systems, with the company able to offer full product traceability, from raw material, in-process and through to the final ink product. This is supported by access to highly-skilled experts and technical facilities, with a commitment to continuous process improvement.

High-performance aqueous inks

One of the greatest successes for Fujifilm is the Jet Press B2 format digital press. This leading inkjet production system required the development of an aqueous ink that could produce ultra-high quality images on coated and uncoated offset papers at 3600 sheets per hour. More recently, an ultra-high performance food-safe aqueous ink has been added to expand the application capability of the Jet Press.

This new, low migration, aqueous food safe ink complies with stringent primary food contact regulations, including Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21 and European Commission Regulation 1935/2004, and has been specially formulated to work inline (via a bridge) and nearline with UV or aqueous coatings.

Exceptional stability with RxD

Fujifilm’s high-quality aqueous pigment dispersions enable the creation of high-performance inkjet inks for a wide range of applications. They are engineered with Fujifilm’s proprietary RxD technology to give ink formulators flexibility in their development processes in order to meet demanding specifications for jetting and application performance.

RxD (Reactive dispersant cross-linking technology) is a precision stabilisation process that locks the pigment particles in a robust cage of cross-linked polymer. The cross-linking reaction is independent of the pigments and prevents polymer disengagement in the presence of solvents. RxD technology creates three modes of stabilisation, producing exceptional stability in the dispersion. This enables compatibility with a wide range of ink components and higher concentrations of co-solvents. It also means high pigment strength dispersions can be created without compromising stability.