Jet Press 720: Calendriers Alexandre

Calendriers Alexandre, a printer and publisher of high quality calendars and wall planners for both the French national and global markets, has invested in a Jet Press 720 to diversify its business offering.

Founded 27 years ago, Calendriers Alexandre produces the largest range of wall planners and multi-page calendars on the French market. Based in Le Mans in France, the company employs 11 people and has a turnover of €3.6M.

It is able to handle a high volume and incredible variety of jobs, printing the smaller calendars digitally and larger ones, to date, with offset. “We are always on the lookout for that special technique which will allow us to remain a leading supplier for calendars in France,” comments Mr. Bourné.

“When we learnt about Fujifilm’s Jet Press 720 we wanted to explore what it could offer our business.  As a company we produce sample packs which are a significant and costly undertaking but for us, but it is a key differentiator and shows the diversity of our offering.” He continues “This year, part of our portfolio was printed on the Jet Press 720 at Fujifilm’s showroom, which confirmed for us the quality and the productivity of the machine. After that we had no hesitation in making our decision.”

The investment in the Jet Press 720 is one built around a long term vision for the company. Stéphane Mariot explains: “If we had chosen to invest in an offset machine we would make more money in the short term. But, the Jet Press 720 can be used to print many more applications, with the potential to take us into new markets which we believe will make a massive difference in the longer term.”

“The Jet Press 720 allows us to sell the print that comes off the machine from the very first sheet. Job turnaround will improve, as well as the level of service we can offer (compared to offset), and it gives us the ability to simplify production & workflow, produce more complex jobs digitally, as well as produce our sample packs more easily. We can now implement our long term plan. For us, the Jet Press 720 is most definitely the future and a very positive step for the business.”

Christophe Bourné adds: “We’ve been so impressed with the quality of the finished product that we are eager to explore new markets and potential new partnerships using digital print as soon as possible, and will be increasing our communications effort to achieve this,” he concludes.

Philippe Vautier, inkjet product manager for Fujifilm France comments, “This installation at Calendriers Alexandre highlights the real quality the Jet Press 720 can achieve. We are delighted to have a partnership with a company as forward thinking as this, who can see the potential for value added print in the future, and we look forward to a longstanding relationship.”