Jet Press 720S: Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH Second Investment

Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH secures high-end print work for Porsche as it builds growth strategy around its two Fujifilm Jet Press 720S presses

“With other machines we could never guarantee it would be right when it was printed, but we know, that with the Jet Press, whatever we send to the machine will come out right first time.”



Celebrate Digital Printing GmbH

Schramberg, Germany

Fujifilm products:
2x Jet Press 720S

Type of work:
General high quality commercial print, magazines and calendars

Performing for prestigious clients

“We have never seen a machine turn out such consistent, outstanding quality. When we pitched for work for Porsche and explained we would be printing their work on a Fujifilm Jet Press 720S, they told us there was no need for any further discussion. They already knew of the reputation of the Jet Press for extremely high quality, so they awarded us the job there and then!”

Zero waste

“Every sheet you get from the press you can sell, which means no waste, and waste costs a lot of money. When we need to print 20,000 sheets a day, I have complete confidence that it will print 20,000 sheets a day. Other machines might do 24,000 one day, but only 5,000 the next because there is a problem. As we are a 24/7 operation, we need machines that work and that we can rely on. The Jet Press 720S offers litho press quality, it is built well, and just doesn’t break down.”


“Many of our local customers want to work with a printing company that is environmentally sound. Because of the incredibly low levels of waste, our Jet Press presses are enabling us to meet these ecological demands, and many customers now work with us because of the environmental benefits the presses provide.”

Workflow the way you want it 

“We talked to Fujifilm about tailoring our version of XMF to accommodate a workflow more suited to multiple machines and on-demand printing, and we were very pleased and surprised how quickly they developed a solution for this.”

Packaging up success

“We are constantly creating new products for our web-to-print markets and our Jet Press presses are printing the majority of these. One of the key new markets for us is packaging. We have recently launched a new dedicated online packaging portal, and we have been amazed at how quickly this has taken off.”

Perfect Partnerships 

“We invested in our first Fujifilm press because we needed to. We needed to change the business to help future-proof it. We invested in the second Jet Press because we wanted to, because we had such a positive experience with the first one. The level of service from Fujifilm after the installation of the second press has remained extremely high. This means that working with Fujifilm is like a true partnership. They are always there when we need them, they don’t try to sell us anything that is not right for our business and they work hard to solve problems and find solutions.”