Onset X: ProDigital

As an important supplier of POS display and corrugated packaging for a range of high-profile clients across Europe, including many major global brands, ProDigital, based in Zagreb, Croatia, is always on the lookout for ways to boost production speeds and trim delivery times to meet ever-tightening deadlines.

“For ultra-high speed at reliably high quality, the Onset X platform has no equal.”




Zagreb, Croatia

Fujifilm products:
Onset X

Type of work:
Corrugated POS displays, corrugated packaging for a range of clients across Europe, including major global brands

High speed quality

“We wanted to be sure we had the fastest machine on the market,” says CEO Denis Cigir. “But we were not prepared to compromise on quality to get there.” Having spent more than a year exploring options, Mr Cigir came to the conclusion that the production speed and capabilities of the Onset X platform could not be matched by anything else currently on the market.

Putting it to the test

“We had seen Onset models in action at various points over the last year or two; these experiences, and our corresponding tests, trials and conversations with other press manufacturers and suppliers, convinced us that for ultra-high speed at reliably high quality, the Onset X platform has no equal.”


Mr Cigir also highlights the advantages the Onset X series’ scalable platform provides. “We’ve invested in an Onset X1,” he notes, “but we know that when we do reach a stage at which we need to increase our production speed again, we can do so very easily and cost-effectively by scaling up our existing platform to an X2 or even an X3, which gives us the potential to achieve production speeds of up to 900m2/hr.”