Raising the standard

Emmerson Press, which was the first UK printer to invest in the Jet Press 720S back in 2016, has now upgraded to Fujifilm’s third generation Jet Press 750S.

“With the Jet Press 750S now up and running, we can offer that same level of quality, but with more speed and using less power.”

Jamie Emmerson, Director, Emmerson Press

Emmerson Press

Kenilworth, UK

Fujifilm product:
Jet Press 750S, Superia ZE plates with PLATESENSE

Type of work:
High quality digital and offset commercial print

  • Emmerson Press has over 35 years of history in printing.
  • In 2016, the company invested in a Jet Press 720S, which enabled it to take on high quality and high profile short run work.
  • Three years on from its 720S installation, Emmerson Press upgraded to a Jet Press 750S.
  • During the upgrade, the company was without a Jet Press for a short time, which was noticeable to customers as they questioned the quality of print.
  • The 750S is enabling Emmerson Press to offer the same level of quality as the 720S, but at a greater speed while using less power.

Experts in producing exceptionally high quality print, Emmerson Press has a 35-year history in printing. They have relied on Fujifilm’s Jet Press technology for their quality digital printing services since 2016, when they purchased a Jet Press 720S. After reaping the rewards of this investment for three years, they have decided to upgrade to the fastest full colour, B2 sheet-fed digital press available on the market – the Jet Press 750S.

“We’ve been delighted with the performance of the Jet Press 720S since our investment three years ago,” says the company’s director, Jamie Emmerson. “It’s boosted our reputation without doubt and it’s given us the ability to take on some high quality and high profile short run work that we simply wouldn’t have been able to consider otherwise – including a bespoke, large format book for Bernie Ecclestone based on his private collection of F1 cars. Since the investment, we’ve seen our digital turnover double, through a combination of acquiring new business and moving shorter run work from our litho presses.”

Valuable extra quality

During the replacement process from the 720S to the 750S, Emmerson had to do without a Jet Press for a short time – this was noticeable to their customers, as Jamie Emmerson explains: “During the August switch-over – when our 720S press was removed and the 750S installed – we found ourselves without a Jet Press for a few weeks for the first time in several years and had to migrate jobs onto other digital platforms or to our litho presses. We had a few of our regular customers get in touch to ask if we’d done anything differently as they didn’t think the quality was quite up to the standard they had become used to. That really drove home to us just how valuable the extra quality offered by the Jet Press has been to us.”

A win-win

Emmerson is delighted with the results of the Jet Press 750S: “With the Jet Press 750S now up and running, we can offer that same level of quality, but with more speed and using less power. It’s a win-win from our point of view – we can simultaneously increase the rate of our digital business growth and reduce our environmental footprint.”