At Fujifilm, we view the printhead as the heart of an inkjet production system and the future for so many digital print and industrial ink deposition applications.

Fujifilm Dimatix is the world’s leading supplier of piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet printheads and is driving a revolution in inkjet technology to support a new generation of products used for print production. The company applies its innovative inkjet technologies and world-class fabrication techniques to design and manufacture inkjet printheads, assemblies, components and systems.

The company invests heavily in inkjet technology and over the years has been awarded many patents and has developed multiple generations of best-in-class, drop-on-demand inkjet printheads.

Advanced printhead technology

Fujifilm’s class-leading printheads employ a range of proprietary technologies, with the design and construction of a printhead determining a number of key properties including spatial resolution, print speed and ink deposition.

Full Silicon MEMS (silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems), VersaDrop™ and RediJet™ technologies provide high duty cycles and long service life enabling OEMs and systems integrators to design the most advanced systems that are fast, reliable and economical.

  • Full Silicon MEMS manufacturing allows for the design of smaller and faster jets with a flatter frequency response. Smaller jets means tighter packing densities with unparalleled straightness.
  • RediJet™ jetting technology encompasses unique nozzle plate design, special conformal and non-wetting surface coatings, continuous ink recirculation at the nozzle and waveforms tailored to specific fluids.

High-performance printheads

Fujifilm produces a wide range of printheads for industrial, commercial, package and wide format graphic printing. Some of the key printhead ranges are as follows:

StarFire SG1024

Purpose-built for demanding high-speed scanning and single-pass industrial system designs. Easy to integrate, high performance, drop-on-demand printhead for single-colour operation at resolutions of 200/400 dpi. For ceramic, textile, wide format and commercial printing and decorating.


Samba printhead technology delivers the breakthrough quality, speed and scalability required for variable width, single pass production inkjet printing and materials deposition. Based on Silicon MEMS manufacturing, this printhead is the most advanced technology available today.


Delivers best-in-class jetting accuracy combined with versatile greyscale operation. Lightweight, thin-profile design and configurability plus support for a broad range of ink formulations. Suited to scanning printer architectures and applications with native drop sizes from 10 to 80pl.