Vybrant F1600

Rollfed inkjet printer with FUZE® technology

The Vybrant F1600 produces high quality, durable prints that can be finished and shipped without any delays from drying. This is because it incorporates Fujifilm’s patented hybrid FUZE® ink technology, which combines the benefits of solvent with the instant drying capability of UV. With production speeds of up to 18m2/hr, excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, and superb scratch and chemical resistance, this printer offers a new performance level for large format printing.

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Vybrant F1600 key features

  •  Available in 1.6m width
  • 4 colours: CMYK
  • Variable drop printing
  • Production speeds up to 18m2/hr
  • Uses Fujifilm FUZE® ink technology
  • UV lamp life 6000 hours

FUZE technology

The real alternative to eco-solvent

Fujifilm’s FUZE® technology is the latest advance in the world leading Uvijet ink family. It encompasses a highly functional UV ink within a volatile carrier which is used to control the viscosity of the system. The carrier is flashed off to pin the ink before it is fully cured under a low intensity UV lamp resulting in a low build, durable ink film that requires no degassing before finishing and shipping.

Key features

  • High quality images
  • Strong bright colours
  • Good adhesion
  • Immediate scratch resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High gloss finish on vinyl
  • Wide media range compatibility