How a single sided press handles variable data

The Jet Press 750S (like the Jet Press 720s before it) uses clever technology to handle variable data at full production speeds. Here’s how:

The ability to handle variable data is a fundamental advantage of a digital press, and the Jet Press 750S is no different even  though it is a single sided press. This is because it takes advantage of a system that prints a barcode in the non-image area of every sheet immediately after the paper leaves the input sheet stacker.

Once the first side has been printed, the sheets are turned over and loaded into the sheet stacker once again. The press reads the barcode on every sheet as it leaves the stacker and downloads the correct page information before printing the second side (in 1.3 seconds), guaranteeing front and back page matching.  Thanks to the introduction of newly developed, ultra-high capacity servers and data transfer system, the Jet Press 750S is able to print the second side on-the-fly at the full press speed of 3600 B2 sheets per hour.

Handling variable data on the Jet Press