The power of inkjet for short run printing

A wide range of application possibilities with the Jet Press 720S

To be successful, cutting edge print technologies must inspire new creative application opportunities.
The Jet Press 720S is a press that is inspirational for printers and
print buyers alike. Fujifilms’ vision was to develop a four colour, B2 format digital press that raised the bar in terms of print quality and challenged the current offset standard.
A press that can achieve stunning print quality on a multitude of different types of paper, taking advantage of print and paper’s
inspirational and tactile qualities.
The Jet Press 720S takes the print quality produced by a digital printing system to new heights thanks to a combination of fundamental Fujifilm technologies.
The end result is stunning, vibrant colours, superb skin tones, extraordinary fine text and line detail,and incredible flat tints, all produced on standard offset paper.
However, the perception of print quality is not only limited to the technical specifications. There is a tactile, emotional and physical element to a piece of high quality print that sets it apart. For the first time, the Jet Press 720S allows these intangible qualities to be reproduced digitally, setting it apart from the rest.
Truly the dawn of a new era for digital print.

Jet Press 720S girl